7 Different Ways in which Saffron proved to be WAY more useful!

With todays world turning towards quality and always looking for healthy choices, we all might be aware about amazing health benefits saffron offers. One of the most expensive spice in the world surely is famous for its amazing health benefits. But have you ever wondered what else can saffron be used for? Today we are going to unlock amazing benefits saffron provides beyond good health. So, read on..

1. Making the most of its mesmerizing aroma during special occasions in Imperial Rome
The aroma of purest saffron is strong and unique. Saffron being one of the spices that signify luxury and prosperity, it was used to scent public halls during weddings and other festive occasions in Imperial Rome.
Uses of saffron

2. A favorite cosmetic of Cleopatra – The beautiful Greek Queen

As we are aware saffron is most used in beauty treatments and offers a natural glowing skin. Such qualities of saffron were discovered and used to the fullest by many beautiful Queens in ancient times. Cleopatra was one of such gorgeous beauties in the past who made use of this spice for her daily beauty treatments.

Uses of Saffron


3. Proved to be a balancing catalyst in Ayurveda

As the legend say and believe in the most ancient and reliable Ayurveda – Saffron is considered a great catalyst that balances all the “Doshas” with its Sattvic nature promoting peace and enlightenment.

Saffron uses


4. Saffron – A sign of luxury and royalty in Kings beds

Famous as an emblem of luxury and royalty, Saffron was used to stuff pillows of Royal families in Rome for its mesmerizing aroma.As a mark of royal living, Romans would sleep with expensive saffron stuffed pillows.

Uses of Saffron

5. Getting that perfect long lasting color on clothes

The Buddhas and Priests from the world are covered with robes dyed yellow or red. To make the color of this robe long lasting and also to signify a sign of purity, Saffron is a key ingredient used for dyeing clothes to bright yellow or red.

Uses of Saffron


6.Saffron as a curative for battle wounds

Saffrons medicinal properties go beyond offering good eyesight and brighter looking skin. During his Asian campaigns, Alexander the Great used Persian saffron in his infusions as a curative for battle wounds.

Uses of Saffron7. A Key Ingredient in one of the World’s Most Expensive Dish

Saffron is often considered to be as valuable as Gold. And therefore, it also found its place in one of the World’s Most Expensive Dish– YellowSaffron Rice with Gold Leaves. The dish signifies pure luxury and royalty even in today’s world as it has planets 2 most expensive items, saffron and real gold are used as ingredients.

Uses of Saffron


That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed understanding the most different benefits and uses of Saffron apart from its amazing health benefits. Don’t know all the health benefits by Saffron yet? Check out our previous blog here.

7 Easy Peasy Tips To Think Like a Chef

How many times in our kitchen we have faced a blunder – maybe with an extra dose of a strong ingredient, or maybe overcooking or maybe just playing too safe and cooking a dish with too ordinary taste. Avoid all these blunders and think like a professional chef with these easy tips for your next cooking adventure.
1. Get some music on!
Relax, sipa cup of tea as you cook. The more relaxed you are, the more efficient you can be.


2.Know your recipe inside out.

Go through each and everything your recipe mentions before you start cooking. Plan sometime in advance and take a minute to imagine doing the steps.


3.Keep your ingredients ready in bowls.

The “KhanaKhazana” style cooking can never grow old. Keep you ingredients ready so you don’t have to run around measuring the ingredients in the middle of you cooking. This approach is a great time saver as you already have your stuff washed or mixed or cut and ultimately ready to be added in your dish.


4.Bring your vegetables at room-temperature for faster cooking.
While we all preserve our vegetables in fridge most of the time, room-temperature vegetables cook faster than the ones just out of the fridge. And surely this approach is not advised for cooking with meat.


5.Bring in that accuracy while measuring.
Measuring your ingredients accurately is one of the key things that contribute to the success of your dish. The amount has to be just perfect – not too less and not too more.


6. Use a bigger bowl than you need.
Always go for bigger utensils as more space allows you to make more movements while you are mixing the ingredients. It will also help you avoid a messy counter.


7. Keep the towels in handy.
Cooking at times can go messy. And messiness plays with your mind leading to frustration and to a ruined dish at times. So the best way to avoid it is to stay prepared to clean.


Hope you loved these quick tips! Do follow and let us know how it worked out for you.
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Why Should you Say No To Low Priced Kesar!

As pure saffron lovers and professionals, we at Saffroind believes that “quality” is one of the most important factors while buying saffron. Numerous times we have come across saffron threads which are claimed to be pure but failed basic quality tests. In today’s blog, we plan to shed light and make you all aware about fake saffron being sold across the market.
Why the premium price?
Saffron is extracted from the three red stigmas of the unique, purple colored saffron flower. The rarity of the spice can be attributed to the very labor intensive production process and the sheer volume of saffron crocus needed to produce an ounce of the saffron spice. Hence saffron prices are always on the higher side compared to other spices.
An unbelievable yet true fact is that saffron price is nearly as much as gold by weight.

Fake Saffron

As Saffron is worth its weight in gold, there have been many cases where saffron has been adulterated.
Fake saffron always finds its way by offering more quantity of saffron at a cheap price. Here are some ways you can find sellers
• Scandalous sellers add various additives to the saffron threads. Then add water or oil to increase its weight and sell it in the market.
• Safflower, the most famous look alike of saffron is commonly sold by adding some quantity to powdered saffron.
• Powdered saffron can be easily faked as it can comprise of various other elements crushed to increase the powder quantity.
• Coloring corn threads is also one of the most popular methods of adulteration. The threads from the corn are dyed to resemble the color of saffron. These can be easily identified by the aroma and feel of threads.

Identifying Pure Saffron

Now that you are aware how saffron can be faked, make sure you observe the following steps to identify whether a saffron is fake or real:
Original Saffron
• Make sure the color of the saffron is red crimson color or dark orange.
• The strands of pure saffron are always dry and brittle to the touch. A most appropriate method of distinguishing saffron is by squeezing and checking it.
• Finest quality saffron has a strong and fresh aroma. An old saffron loses its aroma over time. So, good quality saffron, always has a nice aroma.

Hope our today’s blog helped you to get educated about pure saffron while making your next purchase. If in doubt, feel free to order tested and certified saffron click here