Q1. What are your methods or modes of delivery?
Answer: We send out orders by Courier or Speed Post (where the location isn’t serviced beyond city limits and by courier. Based on our past dealings we try to use a reliable and prompt Courier Service Provider. In case the client so indicates and desires preference for dispatch by particular courier then it can be arranged.

Q2. What should I do if I can’t check my order online?
Answer: Once your parcel has been send out, an email containing your parcel information is sent to you automatically. We update your parcels tracking number via email.
If you are not able to track any information regarding your parcel on the courier or post website please call us at 020-26832050 so that we can follow up on your order.

Q3. Can I choose my delivery date?
Answer: We are not able to make changes to your expected delivery date once the order is dispatched. Once we receive the stock in our Order Processing Centre, the items are sorted and put into parcels for dispatch to our clients.

Q4. How much saffron should be used normally?
Answer: Approximately 50mg. per adult at one time

Q5. What happens if I don’t receive my parcel?
Answer: Complete tracking is started from our end and we follow up the courier firm till the products are delivered.

Q6. Can I cancel my order even after it has been placed?
Answer: Yes, you can on written request before the parcel is shipped from our end. Once the parcel is shipped from our end, we cannot cancel the order. For cancelled orders, the amount will be reversed to the same account from where the payment was made, including 2.5% charge for all online transcation. In case of any delay or difficulty in credit of payment we shall extend assistance in following up with payment gateway.

Q7. Is Saffron harmful for pregnant women?
Answer: Medical guidance is necessary and only a qualified doctor can prescribe the daily intake for a pregnant woman.

Q8. Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase?
Answer: There aren’t any hidden charges. Any applicable State level duties like Entry or Octroi tax is not liable to us and borne by the customer.

Q9. Is there any duty on international purchase?
Answer: Any applicable Import duties of destination country are not liable to us and borne by the customer.

Q10. Is it safe to use my credit card?
Answer: Yes the payment is collected by secure payment gateway payu and none of the credit card details are shared with anyone whosoever.

Q11. Will there be any problems with the customs?
Answer: The dispatch is done through courier or Indian EMS Speed Post and the Saffron shipped passes the relevant authorities and is then further forwarded to the destination.