Documentation of saffron spices being used in medicine spans over 4000 years and covers over 90 conditions that saffron had been used to treat.

In India, Saffron has been used in ayurvedic medicine to treat conditions such as asthma, coughs, diabetes, arthritis, infertility, alcoholism, acne and skin diseases, and a wide range of other ailments for centuries. In unani medicine saffron is used to treat liver, kidney and urinary infections. It is also used to help cure menstrual disorders in women, strengthen the heart and even as ‘coolant’ for the brain.

Saffron spice also finds a variety of uses in Tibetan and Chinese medical practices. Records show that the ancient Egyptians also believed in the healing properties of saffron spice. More recently, both Spanish and American universities have investigated these numerous properties of saffron to find that it soothes toothaches and menstrual pains, cures sleeping disorders, reduces cholesterol, helps digestion and even contains elements which prevent cancer.

Records of saffron being used in western medicine date as far back as around 1500 BC, with documents detailing its use in the treatment of kidney disorders. Saffron spice helps lower cholesterol levels. Compounds within saffron are said to possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities. There are even records from medieval history detailing the use of saffron in anti-cancer treatment.

Some of the many examples of saffron in medicine are enumerated here:

  • Digestion

    :It helps in curing digestion problems. It coats the membranes of the stomach and colon which further helps in healing gastro-intestinal colic and acidity; it also helps in treating liver, kidney and bladder problems, as the spice is considered a blood purifier

  • Arthritis

    Saffron provides relief from joint pains in the body; it helps in repairing tissues and getting rid of lactic acid build up in the body after excessive exercises

  • Insomnia

    A few strands of saffron with milk before going to bed goes a long way in improving sleep disorders like insomnia

  • Fever

    Scientists believe that saffron contains an amount of ‘crocin’ which helps in reducing fever; natural crocin found in saffron helps in improving memory power

  • Eyes

    Saffron helps in improving general vision; more significantly, it helps improvement of vision in instances of cataracts

  • Beauty

    Applying a mix of milk and saffron can fight dryness of the skin and refine skin tones